The Czech Republic has been sending tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine, in a below-the-radar bid to bolster the eastern European nation’s capacity to resist Russia’s invasion. The deliveries are the first known time that a foreign country has supplied tanks to Ukraine, whose president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has repeatedly appealed for western military support
The mass expulsion of Russian officials from embassies across Europe accelerated on Tuesday amid outrage over Moscow’s aggression in Ukraine and growing concern over spies masquerading as diplomats. Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Romania announced the expulsion of a total of 90 Russian diplomats, following similar moves in recent days by Germany, Poland and
The reports of massacres of civilians in Bucha, close to Kyiv, cannot, alas, be a surprise. In response. Emmanuel Macron argued that, “What happened in Bucha demands a new round of sanctions and very clear measures, so we will co-ordinate with our European partners, especially with Germany.” He added that “on oil and coal, we
It’s rare to find something new and unprecedented on the London dining scene. But Roketsu in Mayfair claims to be just that – the capital’s first authentic Japanese kaiseki restaurant. Kaiseki derives from Buddhist tea ceremonies and is a formal meal consisting of a dozen or so meticulously prepared dishes served in a prescribed order that
The US Treasury said it would halt Russia’s ability to make debt payments in dollars through US banks as world leaders sought to punish Moscow for the apparent mass killings of unarmed civilians in Ukraine. Emmanuel Macron urged a ban on Russian oil and coal imports while Joe Biden called for a war crimes trial