Are you thinking of increasing your size when trading stocks & options? Check this out and discover when’s the right time to do it. Avoid doing the same mistakes as most traders do! Think like a trader — have a trader mentality. #stocktrading #trading #investing #stocks #tradingtips Posted at: ? Newsletter & Announcements :
The Japanese stock market and economy are seen as a safe haven in times of crisis which makes it attractive to investors. And while interest rates are being raised rapidly by central banks elsewhere in developed markets, which has proved a headwind for their stock markets, Japanese rates remain relatively low. In this video, we
? Welcome to another episode, folks! Today, we’re breaking the rules and diving into shorting covered calls. No more going bullish! Let’s unleash our bearish side! ? The market seems toppy, so let’s switch things up! When examining these positions, I’ve got a ton of exciting stuff going on! But here’s the thing: most people
A look at two cyber security stocks for your aggressive growth stock radar. Qualys: Imperva: Follow us on StockTwits: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:
You’ll learn why stocks are bounce (moving up) or moving down. One of the reasons is the Supply and Demand concept. However, I want to share with you more in-depth insight into the path of least resistance. #stocksmovements #leastresistance #stockresistance #stocksmoveup #stocksmovedown #stockspath Posted at: ? Newsletter & Announcements : ? Discord Group:
A discussion about the economy, and where you should look to put your money in 2024: big caps or small? Visit our website: Visit our Stocktwits account: Check out our weekly promotion: If you’re interested in our services, please check out Zacks Ultimate:
In Part 2 of our series on Volume Trading we focus on the On Balance Volume Indicator. This is one of the most important indicators based on volume and here you’ll see how to use it to see if a trend is still going strong or if it’s time has run out. If you have
Deciding how to exit a losing trade is a vital part of profitable trading. This video discusses four different ways in which a trader might tackle this trading decision, and shows some examples using real-market prices. Watch Next: 3 Tips for Stop Losses – The Disciplined Way To Move Your Stop Loss –
– LEAPS = Long Term Equities Anticipated Securities – Stock options that are longer than one year – Buying out option premium on a longer-term horizon – Bought a year or more in advance – Options that expire and many of them decay over time much slower than shorter-term options – LEAPS allow you to
This video explains what the Price-to-Sales Ratio is and why you might choose to use it as a valuation metric instead of P/E or PEG ratios. Explore the opportunities for unlimited commission-free investing in Stocks & ETFs. – Download the free native mobile apps now: Trading 212 for iOS – Trading 212 for
This trading tutorial explores the differences between two different modes in Trading 212’s app: aggregate and hedging mode. We explain what these modes are, how they work and look at a number of examples to illustrate how these modes affect opening and closing trades. Test and practice your investment strategies in real market conditions with
A look at a few stocks that posted solid earnings reports. Realogy: Ultra Clean: Kemet: Follow us on StockTwits: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:
You’ll see how you can get double dividends using the power of options. We’re going to talk about dividends and some real-life examples that will open your eyes when it comes to the power of options and covered writes. #doubledividend #powerofoptions #coveredwrite #multipledividends #coveredcall Posted at: ? Newsletter & Announcements : ? Discord